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MeMon develops a distinctive range of fertilizers and soil improvers for hobby gardeners to use for their lawns, gardens and fruit and vegetable growing. This in close cooperation with suppliers of garden centres, DIY shops and supermarket chains. In this way we can help meet the wishes of the critical and environmentally conscious consumer. Our range includes both multi purpose fertilizers at favourable prices and high end customized products for the demanding gardener.

We provide a broad range of organic, organo-mineral and biological fertilizers made of animal and/or vegetable material, sometimes enriched with minerals. They contain all necessary nutrients and trace elements and have a high organic matter content. It is also possible to enrich the fertilizers with mycorrhiza, guano, seaweed or other additives. Our fertilizers come in various shapes, such as pellets, granules, crumbs, mixtures or powders.

Together with our partners, we determine the desired composition, raw materials and fertilizer shape. The products are usually delivered in bulk or big bags, allowing the supplier to repack in smaller packaging and sell under their own brand name or private label. It is also possible for MeMon to fully coordinate the packaging. For companies that (partly) produce their own fertilizers, MeMon offers an extensive range of raw materials and semi-finished products.

Organic matter and nutrients improve soil structure, ensuring vibrant growth of grass, flowers, plants and fruit trees. The organic matter stimulates the build-up of humus and improves biological soil activity and moisture retention. This is not only beneficial for root development and flowering intensity but also makes plants more resistant to diseases.

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