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Organic NPK fertilizers in pellet or crumb form are produced from organic (animal and/or vegetable) raw materials. MeMon supplies both standard NPK formulas and custom-made formulas adapted to special crop demands. They contain a guaranteed nutrient content, a high percentage of organic matter and the necessary trace elements.

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Top Selling SIFORGA Formulas

 SIFORGA 5-5-5 55% Organic Matter         Well-balanced concentration of nutrients TDS    
SIFORGA 8-3-3 70% Organic Matter Important organic nitrogen (N) content TDS 
SIFORGA 6-10-2 60% Organic Matter High organic phosphate (P2O5) content TDS
SIFORGA 5-2-10 55% Organic Matter High organic potassium (K2O) content TDS
SIFORGA Granulate 4-3-8        60% Organic Matter Unique granular form for optimal distribution        TDS

Custom-made formulas on demand

Areas of application: vegetables · fruit trees · vineyards · citrus · strawberries · arboriculture
Presentation: 4-5 mm pellets, coated crumb
Packing: 25 kg bags, big bags (all sizes), bulk
Features: • Made from 100% organic raw materials
• Combined supply of nutrients and organic matter
• Easy to apply and clean fertilizers
Possible additives: Mycorrhiza - Bacteria - Humic Acids - Zeolite - others
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