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MeMon has updated its portfolio. The new portfolio exists of a full range of solid organic and organo-mineral fertilizers for the agri, horti, sport, golf and the public green sector. MeMon also offers high-quality organic liquids.


Conventional agri- and horticulture

For conventional agri- and horticulture, there are both basic organic fertilizers and enriched organic fertilizers with increased nutrient content. Both types of fertilizers have a high amount of stable organic matter. MeMon also offers a wide range of organo-mineral fertilizers.


Organic agri- and horticulture

For organic agri- and horticulture, MeMon produces organic fertilizers under the brand name of MONTERRA and FONTANA. These fertilizers are produced in conformity with EU 2021/1165 and EU 2018/848 and are Control Union certified. There are both 100% vegetal fertilizers and fertilizers that include materials from animal origin. 

The MONTERRA range has a complete portfolio of basic and enriched solid fertilizers for organic agriculture. Next to the all-in-one pellets, there are a few sublines with their own unique selling points.

The FONTANA range are organic liquids that are specially designed for precision fertilization. The liquids can be applied by fertigation or leaf fertilisation.


Sport & Golf

For the sport and golf sector, MeMon provides solutions for every season with the MATCH range. MATCH Sport and MATCH Golf consist of highly-concentrated organic and organo-mineral fertilizers that ensure effective use of nutrients by combining quick and slow-release nitrogen.


The updated portfolio is available here.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback regarding the portfolio at info@memon.nl.

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