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MeMon is specialized in development, production and distribution of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers and soil improvers. We are active in three markets, offering an extensive product range and a specific market approach for each one.

Agriculture and horticulture

MeMon develops high-quality products for professional agriculture, horticulture, wine-growing and tree nurseries. New products are created by combining MeMon’s knowledge and expertise with locally available knowledge concerning crops, soil and climate. Furthermore, tests are performed together with research institutions, universities and professional users. The products are mainly sold under MeMon brand names and in MeMon packaging. Brand awareness is excellent in the market. The products are sold through an extensive network of exclusive distributors in over fifty countries in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

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Hobby gardening

Generally, hobby gardeners purchase the fertilizers for their lawns, gardens and fruit and vegetable growing from garden centres, DIY shops, or large supermarket chains. Together with suppliers of such stores, MeMon develops a distinctive range of fertilizers for consumer use. This includes both multi purpose fertilizers at favourable prices and high-quality, customized products for consumers who are happy to spend money on their favourite hobby, gardening. The products are usually delivered to the supplier in bulk or big bags who will repack in smaller packaging to sell under their specific brand name or private label. It is also possible for MeMon to fully coordinate the packaging. For companies that (partly) produce their own fertilizers, MeMon offers an extensive range of raw materials and semi‑finished products.

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Sports, golf, public green

Field sports require healthy soil with green, compact and firm lawns. To achieve this, MeMon has developed products for professional maintenance of sports fields, golf links and public landscaping, providing humus (to stimulate soil activity and improve soil structure) and organic and mineral nutrients (for healthy growth of grass). MeMon sells its range of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers to suppliers of sports, golfing and public landscaping markets.

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